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96 Seranas Group
Advertise With Us

Why 96 Seranas Group as Advertising Agency
From our survey and research, outdoor advertising is more effective way to advert any kind of product, news or some organisation growth. In addiction to fast advert it also can give the information to audiende in short time while driving, cross the road, shopping or etc. Here some of details point:

  • A moving media cater to a moving audience.
  • Long operations hours present to people go about their daily lives.
  • Relevant size can appear from far & clear. 
  • Low cost per thousand for expose to enchase the reach, frequency and effectiveness of campaign.
  • One of the most consistent communication channels globally. 
  • Build transit advertising in Malaysia as one of the most reliable form of advertising medium

Why must advertise with 96 Seranas Group
Public buses is a shared passenger transportation service which is available for use by the general public. Most public transport runs to a scheduled timetable with the most frequent services running to a headway in some place. Like an our Seranas buses also have a same purposeand our services
are providing this point to support your advertisement.

  • Established Network and Well Thoughtout Routes. Flexibility in execution to reach out to the mass audience at relevant places.
  • Exclusive coverage for high Seranas Bus Station e.g.: Klang Sentral & Klang Bus Station
  • Environment consists of experienced manufacturing industry like Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Toyota,etc. Apart from the manufacturing industry, forwarding and logistics areas are also vulnerable in our adverstiment. This can be seen carrying our ad exposure and spread wide open to the viewers.
  • Seranas Bus doors are always closed when on the move hence the Advertising Visual (for theCampaign Effectiveness) NOT COMPROMISED
  • Clean & well maintained buses for Poitive Association and Respresentation of Brand Image.

Advantage using 96 Seranas Group buses
  • Flexibility of Ad Formats (wrap around, panel system and bus back) to closely match any campaign needs, be it urgency, budget execution, short to long term campaign.
  • Indemnity and Quality Assurance. Client will not be charged for any defect by the printer /install  or damages via accident caused by the driver.
  • SERANAS BUS OPERATOR is working very closely with its team of specialized printers/installers and SERANAS BUS to ensure immediate actions will be taken for works. If any.
  • Our buses are located at Main Area of Klang Town as our known Klang is factory area for most all the executive level like Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Toyota, Panasonic, Canon etc.