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Travel Singapore :: UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SENTOSA 新加坡环球影城

The first and only Universal Studios theme park in Southeast Asia, Universal Studios Singapore wil feature 24 movie-themed rides and attractions, 18 of which are designed exclusively for Singapore.

Universal Studios Singapore promises to be a truly unique, world-class movie theme-park - designed with careful attention to creating weather-protected experiences that enhance the natural setting of Sentosa Island.

Seven unique themed zones will encircle a picturesque central lagoon. Each zone will feature distinctive architecture, landscaping, adn entertainment offerings. There will be one-of-a-kind rides for guests to enjoy, shows that mak one laugh, and peaceful gardens to enjoy with family and friends, as well as retails dining establishments.

Everthing about there intricately designes zones promises to be an immersive entertainment experience unlike anything in this part of the world. Here is an overview of each zone.

Prepare to leave your world behind as you enter a new and exciting world of Universal entertainment. Hollywood zone offers a Broadway-style theatre and mesmerising collection of dining and shopping establishments. The entire area is covered with an eco-friendly canopy and framed by dynamic architecture, palm trees and the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Visitors will feel as if they are actually on Hollywod Boulevard™, the centre of the entertainment universe.

Feel the spirit and energy of America's biggest and grandest city just by strolling along the sidewalks of the bold and romantic Big Apple, just as it appears in all the great movies. All the classic landmarks are here - the city skylines, neon lights, and facades that reveal the true NYC - and all ready for big city fun and real-time movie production under the protection of an eco-friendly canopy. Moview making is everwhere, with the special effects attraction Lights! Camera!Action!™ Hosted by Steven Spielberg. 

The city of the future is here now. Visitors will find themselves in a futuristic metropolis filled with the most modern conveniences, remnants of past inhabitants andcultures, and visitors from around the world - as well as other worlds. The city sits above an intricate subterranean plant that seems to draw energy from the wind, sun, and water sources to power the city. At various points, visitors can catch glimpses of the intricate mechanism. Sci-Fi City is exciting and alive. It is a future world worth visiting time and time again.

Ancient pyramids and obelisks stand fast against the sands of time as visitors are transported to Egypt in the 1930's. This was the Golden Age of Egyptian Exploration when Pharaohs' tombs were discovered - and their terrible curses unleashed. Like daring archeologists, visitors can ponder the mysterious riddles of the Sphinx in this sand-swept land.

The Lost World zone is divided into two themed areas: Jurassic Park™ and WaterWorld™.

Jurassic Park is based on Steven Spielberg's classic epic adventure films. Visitors can experience the "real" Jurassic Park, with dinosaurs brought back to co-exist with man for the first time anywhere - all set in jungles of a Coata Rican rainforest.

WaterWord is a water show spectacle based on the hit film, WaterWorld, where good and evil collide. Witness death-defying stunts, along with thrills and spills from real exploosions of the fire ad water.

Movie stars, talking donkeys...the land of Far Far Away showcases lifestyales of the rich and fairy-taled. See how successful fantasy characters meals and exclusive events.

Based on the hit Dreamworks Animation film, Madagascar, this zone brings you to a dense tropical jungle, filled with strange and wonderful animals like lemurs and foosas. Bird calls and monkey screeches fill the air as you journey deeper into the equatorial rainforests of this African Island.





走在前卫而浪漫、处处充满诱惑的纽约市街道,仿似置身一部部电影场景里,贪焚地体验着美国最繁华最矜贵的国际大都会随时随地进发的活力与生命。纽约市最经典的地标 - 市区风景线、霓虹灯、建筑大楼 - 竞相在这里争艳斗丽,在巨型天蓬的守护下,无惧于日晒雨淋,既提供大都会的刺激与快感,也成了现成的电影制作厂。由制片大师史蒂芬.斯皮尔伯格主持的“电影特效片厂”、以28号片厂,让每一个角落都是戏。